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I grew up in the Sierra Foothills of California on the south fork of the Stanislaus River. I moved to the Bay Area a decade ago where I found a welcoming community of makers and educators. Having lived near the mountains as well as the ocean, landscapes of California continue to shape my life and inspire my practice everyday.

With a background in sculpture, painting, education, and a love for the outdoors, I have found a medium that lets me blend my most cherished practices into one: ceramics. 


Ceramics continues to stretch and strengthen my mind, body and spirit with each project. It keeps me curious, frustrated at times, and always connected to a community full of knowledge and acceptance. What I love most about the practice of ceramics is there is always something to learn, a problem to solve, and someone to help guide you when you feel lost. It is a practice that is never stagnant; consistently growing and changing like the landscape of California.

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