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Cayla Salvador is an artist and educator based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She began her clay journey with simple, functional shapes and found peace within these symmetrical forms. 


Now, Cayla experiments with altering her simple shapes and pushing the clay to the brink of its elasticity. Afterwards, she adds texture to replicate forms found in nature. Cayla has begun to expand her practice by creating vessels that remind her of local ecosystems that she holds dear. She finds inspiration for her practice in nature - both on land and under the sea. 


Lately, Cayla has been fascinated with combining elements of natural landscapes and decomposing forms to give the sense of grounding and playfulness as well as impermanence and longing.

She wood fires these pieces for days on end at high temperatures. Cayla wood fires with an incredible local ceramics community that she is grateful to be a part of.  

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